Our evening menu includes, appetizers, main courses, desserts and cheese boards.


Our evening menu includes, appetizers, main courses, dessert and cheese board with coffee.



Smoked salmon with green salad granny style with dill 125,- 

Egg and shrimps with mayonnaise, pickled tomato on toast 135,- 

Traditional beef soup with herbs, dumplings and meatballs 125,- 

Tartare of beef with shallot onions, cognac, capers, estragon, Dijon and cress served with an egg yolk 145,- 

Tartlet of the day please ask your waiter 


Fish of the day 

Fried cauliflower with browned butter, salted lemon, roasted hazelnuts and pumpkin pureé 185,- 

Ribeye with baked tomatoes, garlic, fries and sauce bearnaise 345,- 

Wiener schnitzel of veal with chanterelles, lingonberries, horseradish, gravy and fried potatoes 265,- 

Danish meatloaf with potatoes, carrots, baked brussels sprouts, port wine sauce and gherkins 215,- 

Today’s specials – please ask your waiter. 


Green salad with vinaigrette and pickled tomatoes 45,- 

Fries with chili mayonnaise 45,- 

Sauce Bearnaise 45,- 


3 kinds of cheese with crisp and compote 125,- 


Rhubarb trifle with Marsala and vanilla cream 95,- 

Apple tarte with crème fraiche 95,- 

Petit four 65,- 

Allergies | please ask your waiter