Tuna from Ortiz 95
Mayonnaise – grilled bread 

Starter & main – the choice is yours!

Season-based courses. We offer both small and large portions, which you can choose as you please.

Crab 120 / 210
Pointed cabbage – chanterelles – chanterelle sauce

Lemon sole 130 / 220
Cauliflower – browned butter – tarragon

Fallow dear 145 / 275
“Karl Johan” mushroom – beets – blackcurrant

Tournedos Rossini 195 / 385
Beef tenderloin – foie gras – truffle

The Classics

Steak tartare 185
Salad – French fries – mayonnaise

Confit of duck 200
Cabbage – potatoes – classic sauce

Côte de boeuf 398 per guest
Salad – French fries – bearnaise sauce
A minimum of 2 guests, 45 minutes’ preparation

Cheese & dessert

Cheese selection, 3 pcs. 125
Butter toasted rye bread – condiments

Baked plum 98
Verbena – tonka – crème fraiche

Chocolate sorbet 98
Pear – red wine – truffle

Macarons, 3 pcs. 45

The Christmas Serving

Selected by the entire table and served with two kinds of bread, butter & lard

1’st serving
Curried herring and soft-boiled egg
Fried herring with mustard and Christmas spices

2’nd serving
Butter roasted plaice fillet with remoulade, hand-peeled prawns & mayonnaise
Gravlax, cured salmon with dill and mustard sauce
Smoked eel with warm scrambled eggs and chives

3’rd serving
Patty shell with chicken & mushrooms
Roast pork with red cabbage, apple/prune compote & classic sauce
Confit of duck with apple/prune compote

4’th serving
Danish rice dessert with caramelised almonds and warm cherry sauce

Selection of 3 cheeses, extra charge 55

495 per guest

Monday – Tuesday

Chef’s Choice
Confit of duck
Dessert of your choice

Chef’s Choice

Served to the entire table
4-course menu 500
Wine menu & water 400

The Classic Menu

A minimum of 2 guests and served to the entire table

Lemon sole
Cauliflower – browned butter – tarragon

Côte de boeuf
Salad – French fries – bearnaise sauce

Baked plum
Verbena – tonka – sour cream