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Sans Souci

Restaurant Sans Souci in Frederiksberg, is one of the well-known restaurants with Danish lunch. Restaurant Sans Souci was built in 1902 and serves Danish smorrebrod, French bistro dishes & Wine Bar with a great passion for wine.


Sans Souci


We serve the Danish classic Lunch with open sandwiches in our restaurant. Choose between herring, fish, vegetables and meat. And for this occasion, of course, we serve schnapps and beer as well.


When you organise an event at Sans Souci you have the opportunity to hold the party in the restaurant or in our beautiful wine bar, or both if needed. Whether you are planning a large event, a business lunch or a nice evening for a selected circle, we are happy to welcoming you in our cozy premises filled with atmosphere and a historic ambience.

Please contact us at +45 33 21 74 63. We are looking forward to assist you in creating and coordinating an event that matches your needs and wishes.


The cozy wine bar at Sans Souci is filled with excellent wine. We always offer many open bottles, which are sold by the glass, both red and white. You will always be able to find something special.

It is our philosophy that quality and price goes hand in hand. Therefore are the wines in our wine cabinet carefully selected, and they represent what we ourselves prefer to fill in the glass after closing time. The passion for the good grape is big, and the prices are fair.

See the wine list here …